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During Summer 2022, we hosted our first ever IN PERSON summer camp! 

Due to COVID-19, like so many other summer camps, we resorted to running online programs in the past. We were so grateful for the opportunity to have summer camp in person last year! For one week in August, we took over a school, filled it with instruments and wrote original songs.


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Campers practiced playing new instruments with incredible NYC musicians!

Each day campers took instrument lessons with local musicians! Campers choose from guitar, bass, drums, or vocals and hound in on their confidence and technique for their Saturday performance. Our awesome Instrument Instructors held it down for campers and supported them in group and one on one lessons.

Campers attended workshops! 

Last summer we offered poetry, songwriting, circuit bending and screen printing workshops! Campers explored their identities through poetry and learned about community through songwriting. In circuit bending campers took apart children's toys and resembled them to create new instruments and sounds. Campers also designed brand new band logos and silk screened their own T-Shirts!


Brand new, powerful bands were created last summer! Camper bands wrote and performed original songs.

Campers arrived on Monday, maybe without ever touching their instrument before, worked together and made awesome original songs. Not only did camper bands perform together, but the entire camp came together to write our Camp Song which we will use for years to come!


We can't wait to rock out with you all again next summer!

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