During Summer 2021, we hosted our first ever summer camp online!! 

Due to COVID-19, like so many other summer camps, we resorted to running our programs online! Although we were disapointed to not be able to meet all of our awesome campers in person, we had such a blast creating Rock Camp Magic virtually! ​


Through the power of our totally incredible community, we were able to deliver 12 goodie bags and instruments to campers all of NYC!

Goodie Bags included all the materials campers would need to participate in camp during the week, as well as awesome instruments, cables, and amps so campers could write their original songs!

Campers practiced instruments and participated in workshops lead by our inspiring commmunity members! 

During the camp week, campers attended workshops from several awesome teaching artists! Over the course of the week we had an at home gardening workshop, a Q + A panel with folks in the music industry, and a Band Art!

Throughout the week 3 incredible brand new bands were created and 3 awesome new songs were written!

Coco Loco Splat, Las Astronautas, and Pink M & M's  made their debut performance for their communities! Click here to listen to their songs!

This summer proved to us that Rock Camp Magic is real!!!!

We were able to build so much community this summer even just through our screens! Imagine what will be possible when we all get to be the same room together!?! We are so excited to grow this project more and more! Big thanks and so much LOVE to everyone (campers and volunteers!) who participated in our very first camp! We had a blast working with you all and we cant wait to work together next summer!